Member Spotlight: Samuel


Member Spotlight: Samuel Ogbuche

Each month, we sit down with a member of our community to talk about them, their wins, what keeps them going, their work and their experience working out of the hub.
This month, our spotlight is on Samuel Ogbuche, Support Analyst, Parizzo Rides.
Who: Samuel Ogbuche
What he does: Support and Digital Analyst.

Hello Samuel, please tell us about yourself and background

  • Well, My name is Samuel Ogbuche and I’m the support analyst for Parizzo. This means that I am responsible for following up with and matching customers. It’s kind of like being a customer service representative but my title is Support Analyst. The difference though is that it’s not all customer service representatives that are IT savvy but as a support analyst, you have to be IT savvy.

Is this something you enjoy?

  • Yes, totally! I enjoy it. It’s very nice.

Is this what you’ve always wanted to do?

  • No. It’s not. However, it’s close. My dream, when I was younger, was to be the best help desk person a company can ever have. It’s similar, but trust me, they’re not the same. It’s not all customers that get transferred to the help desk. It’s like the ultimate customer service.

What is Parizzo currently working on?

  • Well, we are coming up with our 2.0 app which I know would WOW everyone because it’s badass!

Lol. Congratulations. We’re anticipating. What is your typical workday like?

  • First things first, I talk with God. I have to commit the day to Him. Then I check my emails, respond to pending ones. Visit our backend and respond to drivers and riders. Ensure that at least one driver and rider are matched per day.

What is your go-to productivity trick?

  • Once I notice that the vibe isn’t there, I just listen to Mike Todd or Joel Osten and it always works. Lol. Weird, I know.

What is one fun fact about you?

  • Everybody loves me! You love me too, right? I’m lovable.

What keeps you going when things get challenging?

  • Not to get spiritual or anything but, the word of God says that (paraphrasing) you should constantly meditate on the word so it can be instilled in you, such that whenever you feel down, it is there to comfort and encourage you. So, the word of God.

Who has influenced you the most when it comes to how you approach your work?

  • Seeing how my colleague Kunle works inspire my work ethics. A lot of the people in the workspace also inspire me. I’m just surrounded by a lot of awesome people.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be and why?

  • Haha! Maybe my mom? Or my dad? I’m not sure.

You have been working from the hub for a while now, what do you think about the people and space?

  • The people are fantastic! Most of the people I have interacted with are amazing. The workspace is awesome too.

What is the best thing that has happened to you this year?

  • Hmm… let me think. That would be my graduation. I graduated this year and it was an amazing experience.

How do you unwind after a busy day?

  • I just go to my house, listen to music and eat good food. If it’s at the end of a tough day, I go swimming.

Thank you so much for your time, Samuel!

That's all, People! You can get in touch with Samuel via:
Email: samuelogbuche180@gmail.com

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